I've... seen algorithms that your people never believe.
Attacking GPUs on fire off the shoulder of the desktop
I watched photon beams glitting in Pixar and Dreamworks near the NVidia gate.

All those renderings will be lost in time, like pointers in the CPU

Time to debug

---- MussolTrek 1D Hologram (Ph.D. 2007)

University of Girona

About me

I received the Ph.D. on Computer Graphics from the University of Girona. My advisors were Ignacio Martín and Gustavo Patow. I am a member of GGG (Geometry and Graphics Group) since 2000. Previously, I received the graduate on Computer Engineering at same university.

Contact information

Albert Mas Baixeras
Universitat de Girona, Ed. P4
Av. Lluis Santalo, s/n,
17071 Girona, Catalonia (SPAIN)

e-mail: albertm@ima.udg.edu


My research interests are in the area of Computer Graphics. More precisely, I am interested into realistic lighting simulation, inverse reflector and lighting design, GPU computing, and automatic architectural construction methods.

Publications list

  • A procedural modeler for the creation of huge models
    Francisco Cubero, Albert Mas, Gustavo Patow
    Proc. CEIG 2012, pp 57-66, Jaen, Spain, 2012

  • Stochastic Tree-based Optimization for Inverse Reflector Design
    Albert Mas, Gustavo Patow, Ignacio Martín
    Proc. CEIG 2010, pp 165-174, Valencia, Spain, 2010

  • An Automatic Modeling Tool for Sport Buildings Visualization
    Albert Bres, Gonzalo Besuievsky, Albert Mas, Miquel Montaner
    Proc. CEIG 2010, pp 187-196, Valencia, Spain, 2010

  • Fast Inverse Reflector Design (FIRD)
    Albert Mas, Ignacio Martín, Gustavo Patow
    Computer Graphics Forum, Vol 28 (8), 2009 pp. 2046-2056

  • Compression and Importance Sampling of Near-Field Light Sources
    Albert Mas, Ignacio Martín and Gustavo Patow
    Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 27 (8), pp. 2013-2027, 2008

  • Automatic architectural 3D model generation with sunlight simulation
    Albert Mas and Gonzalo Besuievsky
    SIACG 2006, Ibero-american Symposium in Computer Graphics, Santiago de Compostela



These are the projects that I have participated:


Currently without teaching duties