Patch for tsocks 1.8beta5

On October 2008, torsocks was created, rendering these patches obsolete

This page is kept for historical purposes. Use torsocks.

Update: The MacPorts project uses this tsocks as torsocks can only be used with tor

Details on advantages of tsocks
A lively community uses tsocks; an example can be seen here


The TOR project lists a series of patches for tsocks which are useful to integrate tsocks with TOR. These patches cannot be applied sequencially, since they conflict with each other. Here is my combined patch, except for the MacOSX which I can't test. See the changelog for details.
Robert Hogan forked tsocks independently with the same purpose: Tor integration. His patches mainly addressed compiler warnings but also made the SOCKS defaults sensible for a Tor user, and were integrated in TorK.
We have decided to unify our patches. The current version can be downloaded using CVS from TorK's home page:

CVS access

cvs -z3 co -P torsocks

Since Oct 2008, the tsocks in TorK was split from the rest of TorK and can now be fetched at   Torsocks.

Announcement at or-dev by Robert Hogan

I reproduce the last announcement here (thanks Robert):

This module contains all the patches listed at:

It also contains the following additional improvements:

- Support for gethostbyaddr.
- Ported to an automake-based build system.
- A history of all applied patches.
- Various documentation/packaging related fixes suggested by Patrick Matthei.

The following are items I (Robert) hope to add in the near future:

- Fully update the documentation to reflect the fact that this is a new fork of tsocks and is maintained separately.
- More support for isc library calls.
- Make thread-safe with --enable-threads.
- Modify tsocks further to play nicely with tor. For example, prevent nonlocal UDP traffic from being sent at all.

Download Tsocks

The recommended version is the CVS access above. The versions here are currently considered obsolete.

1.8.4 tar.bz2 Diff
1.8.3 tar.bz2 Diff
1.8.2.bsd Diff
1.8.2 tar.bz2 Diff
1.8.1 tar.bz2 Diff


The MacOSX patch has not been applied, since I can't test the results.



Integration with the tsocks from TorK by Robert Hogan

tsocks-1.8.4 (2008-05-21)

Bugfix for configure about poll() prototype detection. Thanks to Peter da Silva

tsocks-1.8.3 (2006-11-24)

Integration of BSD support. Thanks to George Shaffer.

tsocks-1.8.2.bsd (2006-11-23)

BSD specifig patches which break the linux build.

tsocks-1.8.2 (2006-11-22)

Added the part of the BSD patches with bugfixes which apply to all platforms.

tsocks-1.8.1 (2006-11-17)

The following TOR project patches for tsocks were integrated into a combined patch:

(patches 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7 from the list at TOR) Patches 2 (for osx) and 6 (for bsd) were not applied because I don't have access to osx or bsd and can't test them. (And the bsd patch breaks linux)

tsocks-1.8 beta 5 (2002-10-22)

Original abandoned version from Sourceforge

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