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skylineEngine and buildingEngine projects have moved here!


skylineEngine (previously urbanEngine) (v1.5) released!


urbanEngine (v1.0) released!


XMLShape renamed as buildingEngine


XMLShape version 2.0 now available


Finally, Kinighht Lore 2006 project has a web page


XMLShape version 1.5 now available


LeoMCAD page alive and kicking!


XMLShape page alive and kicking!


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People Involved

Jes�s Amador P�rez Mart�n
Francisco Gonz�lez Garc�a
Gustavo Patow


This projects aims at building a simple, yet useful tool for playing with virtual Lego toys: the connectors.

It is based on the popular LDraw format (initially authored by James Jessiman and now being followed by lots of enthusiast developers), and is a modification of the LeoCAD code, generously provided by Leonardo Zide


We wrote a small documentation file for the 1.0 version, whcih can be read here (pdf file, english). Other, more in depth documentation, available only in spanish. If you want to read it, just drop me an e-mail

We recently published a paper about the project (available at my ViRVIG publicaitons page):
   LeoMCAD: A Lego-based Mechanical CAD system
   Gonzalez, Francisco; Jesus Amador Perez; Patow, Gustavo A.
   Spanish Computer Graphics Conference (CEIG), 2018.
   DOI: 10.2312/ceig.20181163

"To do" plans

There are thousands of thing we would like to improve from this implementation. A few are

  • make it compile again
  • clean up the code


Version 2.0 can be downloaded here!!

Beware! This code was compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, so cannot be compiled with newer versions until the code is fixed to do so!