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Logic and Artificial Intelligence

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Department of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, UdG

Main research line:

Methods and foundations of logic-based tools for dealing with hard computational problems

Logic plays a fundamental role in many Computer Science areas: programming languages, databases, software engineering, software and hardware verification, etc. The use of mathematical logic as a formalism for Artificial Intelligence was recognized by John McCarthy as early as in 1959, and since then it has played an important role in some central areas of AI research. Logic has also been called "the calculus of computer science", as it plays a similar role in Computer Science to that of calculus in the physical sciences and traditional engineering disciplines (M. Vardi, 2007)

The group's research is related with automated reasoning (automated theorem proving in first-order logic with equality, higher-order unification, and multiple-valued logics) as well as to propositional satisfiability (SAT) and satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) and their applications to solve combinatorial problems in AI areas such as planning and scheduling.


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Last update: February 27, 2024